CCWESTT 30th Anniversary

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2022 marks CCWESTT’s 30th anniversary. It’s an opportunity to celebrate CCWESTT stories, look toward the future, and expand our network. 

CCWESTT is a coalition of member organizations that have and continue to make significant contribution to the advancement of a gender equitable, diverse, and inclusive SETT sector in Canada.

It’s time we tell our story.

Documenting our Past, Clarifying Our Future

From 1992 to 2022 we’ve worked together to change, build, and lead policy and practice for a diverse workforce. As part of our 30th anniversary we are building a timeline to capture all the great work we’ve done to support women in SETT and spotlighting member events and activities that have provided a firm base from which CCWESTT has built a national voice for women in SETT.

Help us showcase our impact and celebrate our many contributions to advancing the roles of Women in SETT, by sharing your organization’s achievements with us.

Please share your photos, videos and archives of CCWESTT events, programs, and conferences. These will be used to communicate our years of service through social media, our newsletter and more. You can share your memories by sending them to Amanda at

We are seeking donations to help support a video project that will help us tell our story — the story of our national coalition of organizations and individuals who continue to champion a gender equitable, diverse, and inclusive SETT sector in Canada. Your donation will fund the creation of engaging video content that will share who we are, what we do, and the value of this incredible network.

Thank you to our Sponsors

A special thank you to our supporters for your generous contributions.