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Manufacturing Process Engineer

Employer: NOVA Chemicals

Closing Date: 24/06/2021

Location: Joffre, Alberta

Job Description:

Drive/facilitate actions to improve plant performance/initiatives in continuous improvement, relative competitive position and emerging environmental regulatory engineering support (CO2, NOx).

Coordinate and execute Process Safety Management related initiatives including PSV management, out of service equipment/systems and over pressure protection by system design. Provide additional support to process engineering workload including but not limited to process engineering backlog, PHA backlog, process monitoring guidelines/tools.

Determine root causes of problems via data analysis, troubleshooting and sound engineering principles.

Participate in the identification, planning and execution of equipment outages and major turnarounds

Participate in the capital and expense project definition, design and commissioning.

Provide expertise and implement solutions to improve plant performance within a multi-disciplinary team in the areas of Responsible Care, cost, reliability, profitability and capacity. Work within a multi-disciplinary team to resolve issues and implement solutions.

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