Policy Forum

Leaf Bar

This Thursday afternoon forum precedes the CCWESTT Conference – Reaching for the Stars: Creating Impact Together. Ten years after the first CCWESTT Policy Forum in 2012 in Halifax, it’s time to focus energy on mechanisms to do something that will have an impact. We know a lot about the problems! The intent is to use this policy forum as an opportunity to create a sort of change lab to explore what’s possible if we engage the gifts of women in SETT. In planning for the 2022 conference, CCWESTT is faced with a particularly challenging world environment. Global challenges of the pandemic, climate change and stark differences in ideological positions of governments around the planet point to the need for new approaches to working with global issues. Those who identify as women can make a significant contribution to new thinking that is needed in the world. The policy forum for the conference will provide a space for participants to think together about the mechanisms that are needed to do something to shift the systems and create opportunities for women’s voices to make a bigger contribution to the evolution of systems.