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The final CCWESTT Policy Forum document can be downloaded HERE.

The Thursday, May 12, afternoon, 2022 CCWESTT Policy Forum, precedes the CCWESTT Conference.

Ten years after the first CCWESTT Policy Forum in 2012 in Halifax, it’s once again time to focus energy on the bold questions that inform the innovative actions for women in SETT. We need to mobilize adoption of norms and policies that accelerate the pace of change.

We know a lot about the problems! It’s time to freshen our thinking on solutions. This Policy Forum will explore action-oriented initiatives that energize what’s possible if we engage the gifts of women in SETT.

In 2022, CCWESTT and the world face a challenging environment. Global challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, and stark differences in ideological positions intensify the vital need for new approaches to global issues. Within our response to this dilemma, the ideas, voices, and energy of those who identify as women and their allies are essential parts of innovating toward a better future.

The 2022 CCWESTT Policy Forum will provide space and give voice for participants to think together about the mechanisms needed to shift systems. Join us in this highly participative Policy Forum as we seek new ways of thinking and doing – innovations that we hope will expand opportunity for women’s voices in hastening the evolution of systems toward more inclusive futures.

Policy Forum Facilitators

Christina Marie Comeau

Christina Marie Comeau has over 25 years’ experience as a leader and a consultant in business and government. She is skilled in using multi-stakeholder engagement and advanced methods to resolve complex issues and accelerate meaningful change. She’s completed 150+ transformation projects for corporate, federal, provincial, and academic organizations.

Christina is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with command experience in Canada and Europe. During her service to Canada, the Governor General recognized her for outstanding leadership and inducted her as an officer of the Order of Military Merit (OMM). An honour second only to the Order of Canada.

Christina trained in geopolitics and strategic planning at Université de la Défence, Paris, France. She holds a master’s degree in Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University. Currently, she is a doctoral student in Social and Ecological Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. Her doctoral research focuses on mobilizing adoption of sustainable solutions.

Christina believes that the secret to managing complexity is people. It’s all about the people…

Donna F. Clark

Donna Clark is a Founding Leadership Partner with Courage Group International.  Donna is committed to developing the capacity of people to lead with courage and compassion and create life nurturing, high performing organizations. She coaches executives and their teams to create the changes they desire in their organizations.  She skillfully integrates coaching and executive leadership development into strategic planning and organizational change and transition projects so that leadership capacity emerges as the organization delivers their business goals.

Donna has worked with government and private sector organizations to support shifts to more collaborative leadership approaches. She has designed and facilitated large group processes across Canada – some as large as 800 people.  She has taught conflict resolution and communication at Dalhousie University Continuing Education and leadership development across Canada and to international executives.  She has over 30 years of experience as a senior leader, consultant and coach. She has worked extensively with science and engineering professionals and women in leadership. 

Donna has a PhD in Organizational Development and Change and is certified as a PCC coach through the International Coach Federation. Her research has focused on relational leadership and power with diverse women executives.