Presentations: Intersectionality

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The CCWESTT 2022 program committee are excited to announce we received almost 100 abstracts promising a rich and diverse program for all attendees. Concurrent sessions will focus on the following themes: Intersectionality; Building Better Allies; Inclusive Leadership; Outreach; Recruitment/Retention; and Culture Transformation.

See below for the Intersectionality concurrent presentations.

Theme: Intersectionality

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BIPOC in STEM spaces – How do we build a more inclusive space for us?
Presenter:  Helen Yip, WISEST

Breaking Down Barriers for Women and Creating a Culture Transformation through Collaboration
Presenters:  Gurpreet Chana, Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST of Windsor Inc.); Stephanie Allen, Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST of Windsor Inc.)

Equitable Scholarship – Lessons learned from AWSN’s new Scholarship Program for Alberta STEM students
Presenter:  Alicia Bjarnason, AWSN Scholarship Chair

Intersectionality and Outreach: Engineers Canada’s Commitment to the Next Generation
Presenters:  Kim Bouffard, Engineers Canada; Jeanette Southwood, Engineers Canada