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We Need Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to assist with conference activities for  CCWESTT 2022 taking place in Halifax, May 12-14, 2022.

Volunteers will have an opportunity to interact with subject matter experts, employers, CEOs/presidents, government representatives, allies and women in SETT, from across Canada,  at all phases of their career lifecycle.

Volunteers are needed to assist with the following areas of the conference:

Distributing registration kits and name badges as delegates arrive; responding to questions/needs of delegates during the conference; etc.

Education Program
Ensuring presentation room set-up is accurate; distributing speakers’ materials to attendees, monitoring length of session, etc.

Student Outreach Program
Assisting with registration, ensuring presentation room set up is accurate, etc.

Volunteer training will be provided.

The expected time commitment for each volunteer is one half-day. For every half-day you volunteer, you will be able to attend one half-day of sessions.  Volunteer for a full day and you will be able to attend another full day for free.  

Volunteers will be contacted by e-mail to coordinate assignments, and their schedule closer to the time of the conference.

Creating Impact Together. The 2022 conference will reach for the stars to advance the overarching goal of full participation of women at all levels in SETT, in safe and inclusive workplaces.

To register to volunteer, please click here

Roles will be assigned on a first come, first served bases.   Space is limited – so register early!